Big Pharma Creates Customers, Not Cures – It’s the CEO’s #1 Job

Big Pharma is not in business to see sick people get well. They do not want to find the cure for cancer. The mission statement of any hardline CEO is this: to maximize profits for shareholders. Don’t take my word it though. Who am I? Just some dude blogger trying to sell an opinion? Take it from guys like Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Once Upon a Marijuana Story – What Marijuana Anonymous Gets Wrong

Every cannabis testimonial was presented in the exact same format. At first, the kid would talk about how they were introduced to weed. These scenarios vary from testimony to testimony. The marijuana story then would progress to how much they started smoking and associated activities (parties, hanging out with friends, etc)

Thailand Unveils Their First High-End Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

Cannabis legalization in Thailand is moving full steam ahead, but it isn’t without controversy. Cannabis has always been treated as a narcotic, in a country that has gained notoriety around the world for their harsh drug laws. It took the world by surprise when the National Legislative Assembly last year approved a law which enabled cannabis to be used for medical purposes.

We Need More Research – The Last Cannabis Excuse Exposed

The idea that we “need more research” when it comes to cannabis simply isn’t accurate. We have plenty of research on this plant, especially since we’ve been studying it for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Of course, modern medicine requires certain standards when it comes to research, however, even by modern standards we have enough research available to conclude on the safety of cannabis.

High Life, Sudbury’s Second Cannabis Store, Still Waiting for Its License

Business is, to put it mildly, brisk at the Canna Cabana, Greater Sudbury’s retail cannabis store in the South End. Since opening April 20, lineups outside the store at the Four Corners have become the norm, with legal weed buyers facing long waits to make their purchase. It’s something Anton Lucic knows well. The owner of the city’s second cannabis store – located on Marcus Drive – said Tuesday he’s as impatient as anyone to…

Your Weed Buying Habits Can Make the Cannabis Industry More Ethical and Fair

The history of cannabis in America is rife with racism and inequality. Here’s how to use your spending power to fight for change. To understand why buying weed is different from buying artisanal kale, you need to understand weed’s history in America. For decades, the media, politicians, and our schools have spread misinformation about what cannabis is and what it does, including that weed is a gateway drug (it’s not), that if you smoke weed…

This Cannabis Facility in Santa Rosa, California, Is the Coolest Tour You’ll Take All Year

Dennis Hunter spent six and a half years in federal prison for growing cannabis. “I ended up going on the run, looking at a really long sentence,” said Hunter. “I was a fugitive for about four and a half years and then they caught me.” Today, Hunter is the CEO of CannaCraft, the Santa Rosa, California-based company that makes some of the most popular products available for sale at dispensaries across California. There’s absoluteXtracts, a…

Ontario Cannabis Distributor Cancels Tender for Same-Day Pot Deliveries

Cancellation notice was posted Friday on the Ontario government’s tender portal. Ontario’s government-run cannabis distributor has cancelled its tender for couriers to make same-day pot deliveries. The provincial corporation tasked with the online sale and distribution of recreational cannabis posted a cancellation notice on Friday via the Ontario government’s tender portal. The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, which conducts e-commerce as the Ontario Cannabis Store, did not cite a specific reason for why it decided not…

Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Sales Top $100 Million Post 420

Dan Adams of the Boston Globe gives a great rundown on the state of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts this week in his weekly email.   Now that Massachusetts has actually opened a few dispensaries so that people can actually buy recreational cannabis, they are seeing sales tax come rolling in.

Are You a Cannabis Stan?

A cannabis stan is an ultra-devoted cannabis fan, an extreme cannabis fan if you will, that will not only support and endorse the cannabis plant to the highest degree, but also refuse to talk or discuss any perceived negative aspect of the plant or legalization.  The mantra of a “cannabis stan” includes the following phrases written over and over, and then, if you disagree, written over and over in all capital letters.