Cannabis For Spinal Cord Injuries

A significant majority of people with spinal cord injuries suffer from chronic pain. The pain can last for months, and even years after the injury occurred. Pain from spinal cord injuries can affect the entire body, even in areas where you can no longer feel a sensation.


What Canadian Seniors Need To Know About Legal Cannabis

Teed is among the 9 experts gathering from around Canada to develop science-based guidelines on how cannabis will affect seniors. The funding comes from Health Canada, but the experts are expected to publish the guidelines by end of 2018 yet.

Weekend Baking Project: a California Chef on How to Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles

Chef Chris Sayegh wants to show people that edible cannabis can be used for much more than making pot brownies. The California-based, Michelin restaurant-trained chef says Canadians are on the verge of a foodie revolution fuelled by legal cannabis, which can be used to infuse everything from sweets to steaks. Sayegh wants to help guide that revolution in a responsible direction, by sharing some of the lessons he’s learned after four years of making gourmet…

Toronto Police Raid and Shut Down Five Marijuana Dispensaries, Vow to Close More

Toronto police have shut down five pot shops in a co-ordinated raid Friday afternoon. Police spokesman Gary Long says the drug squad charged and released eight people under the new provincial cannabis legislation. It is only legal to buy marijuana in Ontario from the province’s online website and police Chief Mark Saunders vowed to shut down illegal dispensaries after marijuana became legal on Wednesday. Ontario will be issuing licenses to operate dispensaries, but that system…

Customers Flock Back to Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries in Ottawa

Adam Brett says he plans to try Ontario’s online cannabis store, but not until the kinks are worked out. The 23-year-old said his roommate had ordered from the online Ontario Cannabis Store in the wee hours of weed legalization on Wednesday, but as of Saturday was still waiting for his order to arrive. “Overall, I think (legalization) is a good idea, but maybe they didn’t think the whole thing through,” said Brett, who was in…