Most Canadians Aren’t Interested in Smoking Cannabis but Prefer Edibles and Drinks

Younger respondents showed more interest than older people, with 31.8% of those polled between the ages of 18 and 34 saying that they were interested or somewhat interested, while just 24.9% of the 35 to 54 age bracket mirroring their sentiments, and only 22.5% of respondents aged 55 and up were interested.


Where Does Cannabis Originally Come From?

Cannabis is believed to have originated from the steppes of Central Asia, particularly the regions now known as southern Siberia and Mongolia, says author Barney Warf, who has written extensively about the origins of cannabis and how it found its way to the United States.

High Demand: Cannabis Sales Stronger Than Expected in Quebec

Sales of cannabis in Quebec are significantly stronger than expected. The SAQ, which manages Quebec’s cannabis retailer the SQDC said there have been 42,500 sales so far overall: 30,000 online and 12,500 in stores. The SAQ would not reveal a dollar figure for its earnings so far. Customers at the Ste-Catherine St. location in downtown Montreal are braving two-hour lineups – though some say it’s a far cry from Wednesday’s lineup, which spanned several blocks…

Edmonton Girl Guide Sells Out of Cookies in Front of Cannabis Store

On the first day cannabis was legal a young entrepreneur capitalized on cookie sales. She’s being called one smart cookie. As people lined up to buy cannabis at one of six Edmonton cannabis stores that opened Wednesday, a small entrepreneur stood ready to capitalize on what could be expected to be customers’ future need for a sweet snack. Nine-year-old Elina Childs had a wagon full of Girl Guide cookies for sale. – Read the entire…

Marijuana Advocate Hands Out Free Joints to Celebrate Legal Cannabis at B.C. Legislature

It’s hard to count how many rallies marijuana activist Dana Larsen has been to in his life. But no matter the number, Wednesday’s rally was the first he has been to in Canada where pot was legal. Larsen spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people to mark the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. He also handed out free joints and live marijuana plants.\ The reason why Larsen wanted to hand out the…